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Get your Signature Style Strategy!

When your style is working for you, your goals are that much easier to reach.


At Statement Styling, we know that you want to look good and even better so you can get things done. In order to do that, you don’t just need a new wardrobe, you need a new framework. You have worked hard for your achievements and although you try, you often feel like your image is holding you back. Your clothes don’t feel good on you which leaves you feeling frustrated and flat.

We believe that women are judged more on their appearance than ability, which is wrong. We understand what it’s like to feel underestimated and misrepresented because of your image, which is why we have developed the Signature Style Strategy. We have used this inside-out approach to help over 500 women align their style and substance.  You have unique skills, personality, values and goals, so why would you want to look like everyone else?

Here is how we do it:

  1. We rediscover your core identity and values;
  2. We show you how to use your personalty & physical features to enhance your image;
  3. We create a signature style strategy based on your goals;
  4. We help you source outfits that embody you and you’ll love wearing; and
  5. We walk along side you as you step into your full prowess.

So, we invite you to apply for style coaching today. We can work together 1:1 or in a small group with our 8-week online Signature Style Program. And in the meantime why not book a free style chat so you can stop wasting your time feeling bad and start kick more goals today.