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Why Work with me

A stylist unlike any other stylist.

Not every stylist…

I will help you fall in love with your body again. I will guide you in self healing so you can break generational patterns of pain and trauma. You will come alive again as you tune into your own divine inspiration and show up in all your glorious beauty.  The result? A woman who is magnetically attractive, overflowing with vitality and crystal clear in her calling. Why wait another day to experience your best life? 

About Me

Many people know me as Emma Statement Styling, the home of powerful authentic image.

But what many people don’t know is,  how I got here and why I am so passionate about seeing women rise through alignment.  You see, I know what it’s like to have a complete disconnect between your internal world and what everybody sees on the surface.  

My life was one big saga of  “keeping up appearances.”

From growing up in a religious cult, to 7 years working in law firms and courtrooms, to trying to be the ultimate wife and mother, I got hella good at performance. I perfected the art of acting fine on the outside whilst sweeping my own feelings under the rug. And it left me emotionally bankrupt.

When I became a sleep-deprived baby mama, it all came crumbling down. 

I had a full blown identity crisis which led to an embarrassing public breakdown. I will spare you the details but suffice to say that sitting on the couch in my psychologist’s office, I got b!tch slapped in the face with this truth bomb:  I had no idea who I was!!

My life had been built on being a high achiever that kept me so busy in performance mode I couldn’t be present to what was really going on inside of me. Let alone understand my own identity.   

It took years, but I rebuilt my life with absolute intention. I committed to soul searching, reflecting and healing. I prioritised my own health and fitness.  I consciously renegotiated my marriage, my relationships. I gave myself time and space to tap into my desires. That led me to retrain as an Image Consultant and start my own business.


Over the past 8 years, I not only honed my craft and rose to the top of my industry, but I also hacked my own healing – with a combination of trauma counselling, mindset coaching and embodiment practices – I rediscovered myself and flourished.

I started using some of these practices to help my clients and the results were phenomenal. Taking everything I had learned, I developed the pillars of identity and image alignment and this is how my deeply transformational Zero Gap Styling © approach was born.


What do you get when you work with me? Someone who advocates for the best, boldest, most badass version of you!


Want to 10X your influence and impact? You can’t fake it until you make it. It’s time to excavate your soul, rediscover your core identity and enjoy building a powerfully magnetic image and brand based on a solid foundation.

Before I worked with Emma, I felt like I didn’t have the body to have confidence or look good. I thought some people were just born with a sense of style and you either had it or not. Since taking the plunge and doing the course, it has become so normal to look and feel attractive that it has flowed into every other part of my life. My insides match my outsides now and I can feel people responding to that. People take me more seriously and I am kicking goals at work. My team has dramatically grown and I noticed I am managing the relationships with much more capacity. My husband has noticed the change too and says I seem more content with myself. It has removed an enormous amount of stress and self doubt and frees me up to just concentrate on what I am doing and be my amazing self.